About the Network:

The White House Internship Alumni Network (WHIAN) is a powerful and exclusive network of former White House Interns working to better their communities and impact the world in a variety of fields. As the WHIAN Team likes to say, your internship was just the beginning. WHIAN Members come from a spectrum of presidential administrations with diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and passions. However, they all share two common threads: public service ethos and the shared experience of being a White House Intern.

Benefits of Membership:

The network helps former White House Interns continue to grow, both personally and professionally, post-internship through four pillars: (1) mentorship, (2) personal leadership, (3) career opportunities, and (4) social networking. As a WHIAN member, our interactive website allows you to tailor your engagement and connect with fellow members in a way that is useful to your unique goals and aspirations. For example, the website enables you to build your own profile, search fellow members by a number of criteria, including city, employer, area of expertise, and interests, message fellow members, seek out mentors for professional advice, learn about career opportunities, and stay up to date on events through a social calendar. In addition, the WHIAN Team is here 24/7 to help facilitate meaningful connections between fellow alumni.

Membership Process:

In order to be a member of the WHIAN, you must have served as a White House Intern. If you meet this qualification, please submit a membership application by clicking “Create Your Membership Profile.” You must complete all required fields in the application in order to be considered for membership. Your membership application will then be reviewed by the WHIAN Membership Team. Once we have verified your status as a former White House Intern, your profile page will go live, and you will be able to begin utilizing the website and other benefits of membership.


Have questions about the benefits of membership or application process? Please do not hesitate to contact us at: